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Large promotional gym towels designed to print or embroider


Our promotional gym towel range includes the ever popular 110 cm x 30 cm gym towel available in 3 fashiopn colours. Made from 380gsm terry velour with rapier finish and finished off with a cotton border on all sides and a solf pile cover. This ever popular gym towel is designed to fit most standard weight benches.

The soft pile allows for all over embroidery whilst the lower fret area is perfect for screen printing or transfer application.

Gym towel sizes and details:

The weight bench Gym towel at a size of 110 cm x 30 cm in 3 different colours.
Colour-ways including Pink, White or Navy. The versatile size allows this product to be used not only at the gym but also in saunas, day spas, drying of the hair or as an everyday hand towel.

Workout towels
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