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Beach towels in a tote bag.


Promotional beach towels
Terry velour beach towel with terry velour tote bag sewn onto the back side. The beach towel folds neatly into the bag for storage and carry-and-go. Embellishment pricing includes embroidery or printing on both the bag and towel. Available in many bright colours.
Made of 100% cotton, triple sheared terry velour fabric.

Towel details & sizes:


Towel details & sizes:

Promotional beach towels
Bright velour beach towel is attached to a dual compartment backpack. Towel can be separated from backpack for washing. Beach Towel is made of 100% cotton, triple sheared, terry velour fabric. The towel can be either embroidered or printed on both the bag and towel. Backpack is made of 100% oxford nylon in black colour.

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